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Surviving - Jack/Cole [05 Apr 2010|09:41pm]

Title: Surviving
Pairing: Jack Bauer/Cole Ortiz
Rating: PG
Word Count: 500
Summary: Cole wants to know how to cope when everything goes wrong. Spoilers for season 8 up until tonight's ep.
Disclaimer: Don't own it, don't make money from it.

Because there really needed to be some Jack/Cole action in the world. :D

( Surviving )
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Multifandom Fanfic Exchange [15 Sep 2009|12:11am]


xover_exchange is a multifandom fanfic exchange that focuses on crossovers. 24 is one of our official fandoms and we'd love to see more authors signed up. Come check it out!
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Fic: I Wanna Take You for Granted - Jack/Tony, All Ratings [01 Sep 2009|06:42am]

[ mood | drained ]

Title: I Wanna Take You for Granted
Author: morphinelovexx
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Tony, David Emerson, Carl Benton, Michelle Dessler (Almeida?)
Rating: From PG to NC-17
Word count: 1,697
50sentences revolving around the relationship between Jack and Tony.
Disclaimer: I don't own 24, I don't own Kiefer, Carlos, Bobby, any of the other actors, or Matchbox 20, who's song 'Push' I stole the title from.
Notes: I used themeset Gamma from the 50sentences challenge and pretty much broke my own heart writing some of these. zoi_no_miko is the one who encouraged me to write them up, so you can go ahead and blame her for this mess. And napalmiris ships Jack/Carl but never gets any lovin', so I kinda wanted to rub that in her face a little with one of these. :D Enjoy!

Crossposted everydamnwhere.

I wanna push you around

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24 - The Way to Do Things (Chloe O'Brian/Janice Gold Femslash) [26 Aug 2009|09:42am]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Sex and Loyalty (Tony/ Emerson) [24 Aug 2009|08:06pm]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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What You Need - Tony Almeida/David Emerson [21 Aug 2009|12:38pm]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Five Years (Betrayal) - Day 7 [18 Aug 2009|09:20am]

Crossposted from jack_tony. (sorry!!)

Title: Five Years (Betrayal) - Day 7
Author: Zoi no miko
Characters/Pairing: Jack Bauer/Tony Almeida, Tony/Michelle
Word Count: 3094
Rating: 18A for adult themes
Disclaimer: The people, characters and show do not belong to me and I do not make any money off of them/it.
Author's Notes: Ok, I had to add an 8th deadly sin, 'cause S7 didn't really go as I anticipated. So I still have to write Lust, which will be Post-7, and will have lots of sex. For now, here's a bucket of angst and hot man-kisses, Tony Almeida Style.
(Spoilers for Seasons 1-5, and 7, but not 6 'cause I skipped it. *shame*)

Five Years (Betrayal)Collapse )
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Fic: After the Day - Jack/Tony, NC-17 [14 Aug 2009|01:39am]

[ mood | infuriated ]

Title: After the Day
Author: morphinelovexx
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Tony
Rating: NC-17 (Finally!)
Word count: 535
In a hotel room, being loaned out, Jack and Tony have a privet holiday.
Disclaimer: I am so damn angry right now that I don't think I want it.
Notes: Don't let the fluff fool you. I just finished season seven and I'm so angry and angst ridden and pissed that I'm pretty sure my head is either going to explode or I'm going to kill someone. WHY? WHY, GOD, WHY? That being said, I bring you shameless fluff/porn. I...I'm not sure where this came from. Seriously. By all accounts, this should've been painful and sad and awful. What came out? -vague hand gesture- I guess I just did a total 180, I was so damn mad. Anyway, I'd like to thank napalmiris for being an awesome beta yet again, and putting up with my shit like a saint. I'd also like to dedicate this to zoi_no_miko, to whom I swore the next thing I posted would break the PG-13 bar! XD

Crossposted to jack_tony I should probably go away for a while after this lol

After the Day

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Fic: Collapse - Jack/Tony, PG-13 [12 Aug 2009|03:04pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Title: Collapse
Author: morphinelovexx
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Tony
Rating: PG-13 (DAMMIT!)
Word count: 1,250
Spoilers: Vague spoilers for Day Four, maybe the end of day three.
At his most detached, Tony watched his life fall apart from the outside, and yet, he still couldn't detach himself from one man.
Disclaimer: I haven't gotten around to buying FOX yet-I promise, you'll know when it happens-but I do own a laptop and determination, so there's that.
Notes: Fun stuff lies this way. Most of the slash is just implied, so it's never directly stated but I'm being about as subtle as the damn show here, so I hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. This is more an introspective piece on Tony than anything else, but I'm rather taken with the way I wrote it, so I hope you all enjoy it. As always, napalmiris was my beta and one of the most wonderful, supportive people in the whole entire world.

For a while, the routine worked.

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Jack/Tony - Day 4&5 [12 Aug 2009|12:41pm]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Months or Years - Day 4 [10 Aug 2009|11:00am]

Title: Months or Years (Sloth) - Day 4
Author: Zoi no miko
Characters/Pairing: Jack Bauer / Tony Almeida
Word Count: 3280
Rating: PG for homoerotic themes and angst.
Disclaimer: The people, characters and show do not belong to me and I do not make any money off of them/it.
Author's Notes:Things not shown during Day 4. Jack re-thinks his priorities on who he really loves.
(Spoilers for Seasons 1-4.)
Crossposted to jack_tony so my apologies to those of you who might get it twice...

Months or Years (Sloth)Collapse )
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Fic: Common Law - Jack/Tony [09 Aug 2009|05:48am]

[ mood | dirty ]

Title: Common Law
Author: morphinelovexx
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Tony
Rating: PG-13 (still struggling for that R rating)
Word count: 875
A series of vignettes based on Day Seven, hours eight through twelve.
Disclaimer: I don't own shit.
Notes: I have no idea what prompted this, but I'm gonna go a head and blame it on the wonderful, amazing, USTlicious acting of Kiefer Sutherland and Carlos Bernard. Seriously, if the tension between them gets any thicker we're jumping from subtext to surtext. I feel the need to warn however that I'm only on hour four of Day Seven, so if any comments are posted I'd like to ask that they're kept free from spoilers 'cos I'm spoilerholic with like, six hours on the wagon. Thanks guys. napalmiris as usual was my guiding light and the best Beta ever, so props to her. I'd also like to dedicate this to every other fan who came to the game late like myself and had to mainline seven Goddamn seasons of this show. When you start asking your mates what is and isn't 'priority', you're in trouble.

Common Law

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Pride, Greed [05 Aug 2009|05:41am]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Fic: Day Four, PG, Jack/Tony 24 [18 Jul 2009|11:32pm]

[ mood | devious ]

Title: Day Four - 6:43:21 <Missing Scene>
Author: morphinelovexx
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Tony
Rating: PG for suggestive slash and my tactical bullshitting.
Word count: 415
Summary: Jack made a split second decision, and knew that there was only one person he could trust to do what needed to be done without hesitation, one way or another.
Disclaimer: If I were the owner, this would've at least been a deleted scene.
Notes: I think it's alright to admit that I'm absolutely TERRIFIED to post this because it's my first delve into 24 fanfiction, but my beta napalmiris assures me it's absolutely golden. She cleaned it up and pistol whipped me until I agreed to post it, so if you've got issues with my little ficlet, I'd suggest you take it up with her. :D That being said, I think I got the characters pretty on the level, so I hope everyone enjoys. Also, a quick request, if you do review, please don't mention anything beyond season four because I'm still behind. I'm starting season five tomorrow and I'm attempting to avoid most spoilers. Thenks!

<Missing Scene>

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Envy (Jack/Tony) [18 Jul 2009|05:49pm]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Kieferlou Zine [11 Jun 2009|07:31pm]

QUESTIONS AND MIRACLES by Dovya Blacque ("24"). Tony couldn't help but wonder at this different Jack Bauer.Now, in the presence of this gentle, easygoing man named Mark DeSlavo, Jack Bauer had.taken that step away from what he'd been to explore who he might become. The realization floored Tony, shaking every perception he'd ever had of Jack to its foundation.

More Excerpts from the ZineCollapse )
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Slashcache [14 May 2009|05:06pm]

There is a new community for slash recommendation.
24 is about to get a tag and two spotlight weeks. :) Take a look:

Repertoire; SlashCache
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New Kieferlou Slash Zine [03 May 2009|07:50pm]

I thought maybe some of you might be interested in learning about a New Slash Zine. It includes one 24 story. The others are dealing with different characters played by Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips. The last multi-fandom-zine includes a 24 poem, probably Jack/Tony. ;)

copied from the Kieferlou Mailing List:

New zines from Mkashef Enterprises:
(These will all be at Media West but are now available!)
Mkashef Enterprises PO Box 688 Yucca Valley CA 92286-0688
PayPal: alayne@inetworld. net


A Kiefer/Lou Slash Zine

114 pages

$25.00; $27.00 Canada; $30.00 Europe; $33.00 Pacific

THE OUTLAW by Gilrain (“Young Guns 2”). Josiah, “Doc” Scurlock still has hope of receiving a pardon for his part in the Lincoln County Wars, until he is forced to kill a man in order to save the life of Billy the Kid. Can the love of Jose Chavez y Chavez help Doc find the courage to face what is to come and “finish the game” with style?

QUESTIONS AND MIRACLES by Dovya Blanque (“24”). Jack Bauer has just lived through the longest day of his life. So much blood has been spilled in order to protect Presidential Candidate David Palmer that he has only one person left to cling to: Warden Mark DeSalvo, the man who was shot and almost fatally wounded for trying to help Jack accomplish his mission.

DREAMCATHER by Theresa Kyle (“Renegades”). Buster McHenry is devastated that Hank Storm immediately returns home to South Dakota after retrieving the Sacred Lance. However, when Buster impulsively buys a dreamcatcher from a local shop, his Native American friend begins to show up in his dreams in very unexpected ways.

INTO THE DARK by Mystic Angel (“Eye of the Killer/First Power”).Michael (Mickey) Hayden is disgusted with his new partner, Russell Logan, until he discovers they both have experience with psychic phenomena. Will their hidden desire for each other help or hinder them as they fight a demon from Logan ’s past who claims to have been given the deadly First Power?

KNOCKING ON HEAVEN’S DOOR by Dovya Blacque (“Young Guns 2”). Josiah “Doc” Scurlock knows for a fact his days are numbered. Still, Doc doesn’t want his life to end without experiencing the one thing of value in an often cruel and chaotic world -- true love.

PAINTED DESERT by Gilrain (“Renegades”). Buster McHenry can’t believe Hank Storm has been trying to contact him after his disastrous trip to South Dakota . Both men have issues to resolve, but will they find each other before Buster pays the ultimate price for having “loved not wisely, but too well?”

More Slash Zines hereCollapse )
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New community! [18 Jan 2009|03:41am]


Hello, feel free to check out the new Jack/Tony community! Join, post and be merry.

Sorry if this appears on your flist more than once - or twice...
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See you again! [21 Nov 2008|08:09pm]

Title: See you again
Author: callisto24
Fandom: 24/Numb3rs
Genre: comfort, angst
Characters: Jack Bauer/Ian Edgerton
Rating: NC-17
Theme: After Season 6 and Redemption. Jack is back in LA meeting an old friend.
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