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New Kieferlou Slash Zine

I thought maybe some of you might be interested in learning about a New Slash Zine. It includes one 24 story. The others are dealing with different characters played by Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips. The last multi-fandom-zine includes a 24 poem, probably Jack/Tony. ;)

copied from the Kieferlou Mailing List:

New zines from Mkashef Enterprises:
(These will all be at Media West but are now available!)
Mkashef Enterprises PO Box 688 Yucca Valley CA 92286-0688
PayPal: alayne@inetworld. net


A Kiefer/Lou Slash Zine

114 pages

$25.00; $27.00 Canada; $30.00 Europe; $33.00 Pacific

THE OUTLAW by Gilrain (“Young Guns 2”). Josiah, “Doc” Scurlock still has hope of receiving a pardon for his part in the Lincoln County Wars, until he is forced to kill a man in order to save the life of Billy the Kid. Can the love of Jose Chavez y Chavez help Doc find the courage to face what is to come and “finish the game” with style?

QUESTIONS AND MIRACLES by Dovya Blanque (“24”). Jack Bauer has just lived through the longest day of his life. So much blood has been spilled in order to protect Presidential Candidate David Palmer that he has only one person left to cling to: Warden Mark DeSalvo, the man who was shot and almost fatally wounded for trying to help Jack accomplish his mission.

DREAMCATHER by Theresa Kyle (“Renegades”). Buster McHenry is devastated that Hank Storm immediately returns home to South Dakota after retrieving the Sacred Lance. However, when Buster impulsively buys a dreamcatcher from a local shop, his Native American friend begins to show up in his dreams in very unexpected ways.

INTO THE DARK by Mystic Angel (“Eye of the Killer/First Power”).Michael (Mickey) Hayden is disgusted with his new partner, Russell Logan, until he discovers they both have experience with psychic phenomena. Will their hidden desire for each other help or hinder them as they fight a demon from Logan ’s past who claims to have been given the deadly First Power?

KNOCKING ON HEAVEN’S DOOR by Dovya Blacque (“Young Guns 2”). Josiah “Doc” Scurlock knows for a fact his days are numbered. Still, Doc doesn’t want his life to end without experiencing the one thing of value in an often cruel and chaotic world -- true love.

PAINTED DESERT by Gilrain (“Renegades”). Buster McHenry can’t believe Hank Storm has been trying to contact him after his disastrous trip to South Dakota . Both men have issues to resolve, but will they find each other before Buster pays the ultimate price for having “loved not wisely, but too well?”

More Slash Zines - one 24 poem (probably Jack/Tony) in Dyad #24

"Bodies in Motion": a CSI: Crime Scene Invetigation (Las Vegas) slash zine; "Only The Strong Survive": a Kiefer/Lou slash zine (stories based on characters played by Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips); "Dyad #24": a multi-fandom slash zine:


A CSI (Las Vegas) slash zine

188 pages

$29.00 US; $31.00 Canada ; $35.00 Europe ; $39; Pacific

Blue by Valentine: (Nick/Grissom) A wedding, too many martinis, and an unexpected dance lead to huge changes in Grissom and Nick’s lives.

Green by Valentine: (Nick/Grissom Bobby/David) Rumors and Hodges never do mix well and it takes Bobby to shut him up… as observed by David.

Yellow (aka Astronomy for CSIs) by Valentine: Catherine muses about changes in the lab.

Red by Valentine: Greg’s bemused observations of shifting patterns in the lab’s relationships.

Wake Up And Smell The Roses by Valentine: (Nick/Grissom) A hungry Nick, a chocolate bar, and everything changes in a moment of insanity between him and Grissom.

The Pants by Amy Marie: (Nick/Greg) The lab, Greg and a tight pair of jeans distract Nick.

Open Season by VampyrAlex: (Nick/Warrick) After Nigel Crane, Warrick becomes hyper-aware of Nick but it takes a near-disastrous vacation to cement his feelings and to, finally, admit them, to himself and to Nick.

Lady Heather’s Garden by Dovya Blacque: (Nick/Grissom) Lady Heather steps in to confront Grissom’s intimate phantoms… about Nick Stokes.

That Look by Starr Copeland: (Nick/Grissom) The way Grissom looks at Nick has finally forced an unexpected confrontation.

Three Wise Men by Chris J. Ueberall: (Nick/Greg/Grissom) 'Being in love with a man who is in a partnership with another man you feel drawn to is a perfect way to lose objectivity.’

Ad Absurdum by Chris J. Ueberall: (Greg/Grissom) After a car accident, while in the hospital, Greg has a crazy dream that his lover, Gil Grissom, was actually in love with Sara Sidell.

Lifeline by Dovya Blacque: (Nick/Grissom) Walter Gordon left his impression on Nick Stokes, more of an impression than he can handle. Luckily, Gil Grissom is there – constantly – to anchor him while he mentally climbs out of the grave from which he’s already physically emerged.

Elegy by Dovya Blacque: (Nick/Grissom) Warrick’s death, Grissom’s steady presence, and Catherine’s confession lead Nick through the labyrinth of coping with his soul-numbing grief.

Vegas – 7 Flashes: by Chris J. Ueberall CSI meets “Firefly”! Imagine the CSIs in the “Firefly” universe. 7 brief insights into that possible reality.

Collision Course by Starr Copleand: ( CSI/The Sentinel crossover – Blair/Nick, Jim/Blair, Nick/Grissom) While in Las Vegas, Blair Sandburg meets Nick Stokes…and the two of them scheme to get the lead out of their potential relationships with the men with whom they truly belong.

Dyad #24

A multi-fandom slash zine

180 pages

$29.00 US; $31.00 Canada ; $35.00 Europe ; $39.00 Pacific

FULL COLOR COVER by Suzan Lovett (Stargate SG-1)

Leap of Faith by VampyrAlex (CSI/Magnificent 7): At a conference, Nick Stokes, accompanied by Gil Grissom, runs into a long-lost friend, Ezra Standish, who happens to be at the conference with his boss, and lover, Chris Larabee.

First Time by Dillya Kay (The Professionals) : New partners, Bodie and Doyle, stumble their way to an understanding.

Puzzle Pieces by Lady Ra (Stargate SG-1/The Sentinel – previously published at 852 Prospect): Realities clash as two different Daniel Jacksons, two different Jack O’Neills, two different Jim Ellisons and two different Blair Sandburgs cross paths on a convoluted, fascinating and heart-breaking trip to destiny.

Demons & Angels by Arlan Symons (Supernatural – “Wincest”): Separated for three years by Sam’s demonic blood and Dean’s angelic companions, the brothers come together with new goals in mind.

Touch My Heart by Angelise (CSI:NY): Finally able to move on after the loss of his wife, Mac Taylor allows a friend to set him up on a blind date. With a man. A familiar man.

Limits by April H. (The Professionals) : Doyle explores his partner’s limits while attempting to provide some much-needed stress relief.

Strangers On A Plane by Michela (Criminal Minds): Are Spencer and Hoch the only two members of the team who don’t know they belong together?

Lifelines – Time To Tell by Chris J. Ueberall (Blake’s 7/The Professionals) : Timelines and realities clash while two different – yet the same – sets of partners face pivotal moments in their relationships.

Poetry by Starr Copeland: Stargate Atlantis, CSI, Smallville, Miami Vice, The Sentinel, Mgnificent 7, “24”, Supernatural

Art by: Romanse and L.A. Adolph

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