Devon (morphinelovexx) wrote in 24slash,

Fic: Day Four, PG, Jack/Tony 24

Title: Day Four - 6:43:21 <Missing Scene>
Author: morphinelovexx
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Tony
Rating: PG for suggestive slash and my tactical bullshitting.
Word count: 415
Summary: Jack made a split second decision, and knew that there was only one person he could trust to do what needed to be done without hesitation, one way or another.
Disclaimer: If I were the owner, this would've at least been a deleted scene.
Notes: I think it's alright to admit that I'm absolutely TERRIFIED to post this because it's my first delve into 24 fanfiction, but my beta napalmiris assures me it's absolutely golden. She cleaned it up and pistol whipped me until I agreed to post it, so if you've got issues with my little ficlet, I'd suggest you take it up with her. :D That being said, I think I got the characters pretty on the level, so I hope everyone enjoys. Also, a quick request, if you do review, please don't mention anything beyond season four because I'm still behind. I'm starting season five tomorrow and I'm attempting to avoid most spoilers. Thenks!

<Missing Scene>
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