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Fic: After the Day - Jack/Tony, NC-17

Title: After the Day
Author: morphinelovexx
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Tony
Rating: NC-17 (Finally!)
Word count: 535
In a hotel room, being loaned out, Jack and Tony have a privet holiday.
Disclaimer: I am so damn angry right now that I don't think I want it.
Notes: Don't let the fluff fool you. I just finished season seven and I'm so angry and angst ridden and pissed that I'm pretty sure my head is either going to explode or I'm going to kill someone. WHY? WHY, GOD, WHY? That being said, I bring you shameless fluff/porn. I...I'm not sure where this came from. Seriously. By all accounts, this should've been painful and sad and awful. What came out? -vague hand gesture- I guess I just did a total 180, I was so damn mad. Anyway, I'd like to thank napalmiris for being an awesome beta yet again, and putting up with my shit like a saint. I'd also like to dedicate this to zoi_no_miko, to whom I swore the next thing I posted would break the PG-13 bar! XD

Crossposted to jack_tony I should probably go away for a while after this lol

After the Day
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